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Pathway women's services

No-cost pregnancy services, abortion information, options counseling and more.


Now What?

Am I pregnant? How early can I take a pregnancy test? My pregnancy test was what. At this point you might be thinking about what to do next. We are here to provide you with answers to questions like these and provide FREE services so you can make the best choice that is right for you. Our kind and supportive team will discuss your options, offer the best resources and information needed so you can make an informed decision regarding your body.

Thinking about the abortion pill and wondering if it's right for you?

How does the abortion pill work?

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How Can WE Help You?

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We offer FREE  and confidential pregnancy test kits to confirm

you're pregnant.

There is alot to know when it comes to abortion. Get all the facts first and know your options.

Have you taken the first dose

of the abortion pill and regret

your decision?

Have you decided to parent but need help deciding what to do next and need items?

The information presented on this website is intended for general educational purposes only and should not be relied

upon as a substitute for professional and medical advice.


you have options

Dedicated to providing excellent quality of care and peace of mind, we take pride in offering a complete holistic approach that focuses not only on your physical health but on your heart, mind and spirit as well. 

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